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   At Party Unit - Entertainment & Events we began to look for a unique way to entertain our clients and their guests at a variety of venues and event types. This lead us to consider the tools we had, what we could offer, and how we could improve upon the already popular games that were out there.  In a scene that was bursting with opportunities to present more than the average game of bingo or basic list of trivia questions, the game of Vingo was born.  We have an enormous library of media, and the ability to show that content - for a completely upgraded and updated approach with our game.


   Players sit back and relax, talk with friends and family, eat, drink and enjoy the clips we show... all while playing along on our custom game boards, for a chance to win a variety of great prizes!  Vingo is easy to play, as guests will both see and hear the clues they need to mark off.  It's an exciting game that provides anticipation for the next clip, as players sometimes sing along (and even get up to dance) to the best parts of their favorite songs.  Vingo can be played individually, as a team, or with help from the players around you.

   Vingo works on so many levels, and players have an awesome time everywhere we go!  We've organized Vingo events for groups of 25 to almost 1,000 players, and we can easily scale and tailor our approach for any size in between.  We can be booked for regular, weekly games at your Bar or Restaurant, and for specialty appearances at Schools, Colleges, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Parties, Fundraisers, Community Events and more!


Reserve Vingo for your venue or next event! 

VINGO small boards

Watch, Listen

& Win!

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