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   We've worked hard to develop a wide variety of Vingo rounds that we can play - so that players have a totally new and different experience with every appearance we do.  We currently have 30 different rounds we can offer, that span almost all decades of music, and we've arranged them in several ways to provide unique groupings for our boards.  Some rounds are based simply on musical genre, while others are separated by decades and trends... and we've gone a few steps further to make fun groupings based on hits, charts, subjects, holidays and more!  We even feature a few Vingo rounds where we've broken the mold to offer a fun alternative to the music videos we regularly present - by showing other current and topical content in the structure of our game.


  On a few ocassions, we've even been hired to create custom Vingo rounds for our Coporate and College clients, that have featured special content pertaining to their business, staff, campus and players.  This is an especially fun way to spice up your event, when guests can play a completely unique game that has been crafted with them in mind.  This is something we hope to do more of, as we partner to bring Vingo to even more events in the future.

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